The FIRST SEMESTER of the academic year 2021/22 consists of a course based on exchanging international workshops. Each of them will be directed by different teachers from these Schools of Architecture:


  • Alicante University (SPAIN)
  • American University Dubai (UAE)
  • Bologna University (ITALY)
  • Budapest University of Technology (HUNGARY)
  • ENSAP Bordeaux (FRANCE)
  • European University Madrid (SPAIN)
  • Evora University (PORTUGAL)
  • German University in Cairo (EGYPT)
  • Ion Mincu University (RUMANIA)
  • IUBH Internationale Hochschule Hamburg (GERMANY)
  • KU Leuven Brussels (BELGIUM)
  • London South Bank University (UK)
  • Malmö University (SWEDEN)
  • MEF University İstanbul (TURKEY)
  • Queen’s University Belfast (UK)
  • Reggio Calabria (ITALY)
  • Umeå University (SWEDEN)
  • University of Lincoln (UK)
  • University of Nicosia (CYPRUS)
  • Uwe Bristol (UK)
  • Wroclaw University (POLAND)
  • Yasar University Izmir (TURKEY)


The workshops will start from our intercultural differences with the aim of defining and addressing the themes of contemporary architecture and society.


Since there are more universities than workshops, the students are able to choose what kind of education they want to follow. According to their interests, each of you will be able to pick select up to 6 workshops, just keeping in mind that they don’t coincide in time.


You will work in international groups, working online with the MOODLE platform.


This is what we call the UNIVERSITY of Universities and lays the foundations of a proposal for a EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY that completes the ERASMUS programme.


More information in: https://uou.ua.es


Javier Sánchez Merina / P4

Joaquín Alvado Bañón / P6