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Conferencia: «Divining the Future”. Markella Menikou / Adonis Cleanthous

Markella Menikou y Adonis Cleanthous dirigen «Divining the Future”, unidad diploma (4º y 5º curso) de la Escuela de Arquitectura de Nicosia (Chipre).
Sus investigaciones incluyen tecnología y sistemas prefabricados como lenguaje experimental de la arquitectura:

“We understand technology as a lens through which the world is viewed and as such the design of that lens may enhance our engagement with the world. Our work aims to foresee and dream of the future; a utopian or a dystopian future.

We consider ‘technology’ on both a theoretical/conceptual level, as well as on an operation/performance level. We do not approach technology as simply building technology, but rather as a synergy between the actual ‘nuts and bolts’ and the experiential/non-physical qualities of architecture. Technology is an inseparable part of the equation of architecture.

We search for a technologically inspired, instrumental architecture against the tyrannies of form and obsessive value in image and novelty:  Instrumental architecture aims towards a ‘superlative of capability’ which contradicts the reductive nature of functionalism, as functionalism approaches the idea of purpose quite narrowly.

We aim to resurrect the Vitruvian paradigm of ‘firmitas, utilitas and venustas’ in a contemporary political, socio-economic, cultural and environmental context;  and into the future…”